How to add customized tokens?

CoolWallet supports various customized tokens. Check on the following link to see a full list of Coins / Tokens Supported By CoolWallet.

To add customized tokens, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the pubic explorer of the blockchain where your tokens are issued. Here are some common explorers you may use:

If you're not sure which blockchain your tokens are at, please contact support ([email protected]).

2. Enter a token name, and select the token that matches. (USDT on Ethereum as an example)

3. From the token page, copy the "contract address".

4. Open the CoolWallet App, go into "Settings", select "Manage Wallet", click the Add Crypto icon (+), and select Add Custom Token.

5. Paste the contract address which you obtained from the blockchain explorer. Once entered, please wait for 30 seconds and the token details will appear. Press Add to complete the token integration. 



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