How to add Polygon (ERC-20) tokens?

To add customized ERC-20 tokens (Polygon), please follow the steps below:

1. Go to PolygonScan:, enter your token details (name/address) and click the Magnifier (USDT as an example).

2. From the token page, please copy the "contract address" of the specific ERC-20 token or click the Contract address for Contract Overview. You will see the QR code of the ERC-20 token on the right side of the Contract Overview section.

3. Open the CoolWallet App, go into Settings, select Manage Wallet, click the Add Crypto icon (+), and select Add Custom Token.

4. Enter the ERC-20 token contract address which you obtained from the PolygonScan website or other source. Or scan the obtained ER-C20 Token QR code. Once entered, the token details will appear, please press Add to complete the token integration. *ERC-20 token will not be added if the required token information is incomplete.


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