BTC Fixed Earn Announcement

Dear Clients,

Due to the recent market kerfuffle, as a safety measure, we will seize BTC Fixed Earn effective  2022.11.14 and estimate to return your asset after deducting the transaction fee (0.00003 BTC) with interest no later than 2022.11.21. (all timezones are calculated in GMT+8)

The calculation of interest is as follows, given the type of product you opted, the calculation method may alter. If your subscription matures on or before 2022.11.14, then your accrued interest would not be affected.

Accrued interest = Principal x APR x holding days/365
holding days = redeemed date - start date

e.g. deposit 5 BTC on 1-Nov, APR as 5%, early redeemed on 14-Nov, accrued interest = 5 x 5% x (14-1) / 365

We would make further notification via in-app notification when we re-activate BTC Fixed Earn. It is highly recommended that you allow CoolWallet App to send you in-app notifications. Or you could reply to this mail directly to join the waiting list. We will make prioritized notification regarding the status of this product. We appreciate your understanding and patience on any inconvenience it may caused on this regard. Should you have any further questions or assistance needed, please feel free letting us know.


CoolBitX Team

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