Advantages of the CoolWallet S

What are the key advantages of the CoolWallet S?

- Compatibility with iPhone and Android phones and devices: No need to sit in front of a PC, untangle a USB cord, plug it in, open a chrome extension or third-party app, and go through all sorts of steps just to access the blockchain with your assets. With the CoolWallet S, all you have is simply take out your phone and begin using the wallet.

-The wallet setup is easy and quick.

- Waterproof, impact-resistant, bendable, and tamper-proof.

Absolute Security:

- The CoolWallet S is fortified by a common criteria EAL5+ certified secure element microchip - the top security component on the market today.

- The Bluetooth signal is encrypted with multiple layers of one-way hash functions using the AES256 encryption standard. This encryption cannot be decrypted.

- The CoolWallet S can only work with your unique phone and your unique fingerprint or Face ID. The CoolWallet S can be lost or stolen without exposing your assets.

- The thinness of the wallet protects the wallet from being opened and reprogrammed; opening the card will irreversibly destroy the wallet.

- Completely wireless: No more clunky and confusing USBs. 100% wireless via AES256 encrypted Bluetooth.

- Sleek and slim like a credit card: can be easily placed inside of a traditional wallet, carried anywhere, and protected as you would protect your credit cards.