How Can I Retest The Backed up Seed Using XRP Address?

Due to security concerns, CoolBitX does not keep any record of our clients' seed. Thus, we will not be able to retest your seed. So, if you did not back up the seed properly or if you lost the seed, we will not be able to recover wallet data for you.

However, you can still use the following method to retest the seed (using XRP address as an example):


Dear CoolWallet user,
By using the following guide, or any third-party application or advice, you are proceeding at your own risk and may possibly expose your private seed and crypto funds to an external audience over which CoolBitX has no control.
This may give malicious parties  access to your wallet and result in the permanent loss of your crypto assets.
Currently, we only recommend the official CoolBitX app (iOS/ Android)  and website ( as resources for the CoolWallet S.
We do not officially support any third-party applications due to the inherent risk of fraud and strongly urge our customers against using them.

CoolBitX and are not responsible for any losses which may arise from using any non-approved 3rd party platform.

1.      Please go to the Mnemonic Code Converter site:

2.      Disconnect from the Internet

3.      Enter your seed in the BIP39 Mnemonic field

4.      Select XRP-Ripple in the Coin field

5.      Select BIP44 as your Derivation Path

6.      Compare the 1st address populated (m/44’/144’/0’/0/0) with the 1st XRP address in CoolWallet S

*If you are able to derive the same XRP address, it means your seed is correctly backed up. However, if you are getting a different address, you might want to check your seed again.