Will Cryptocurrencies Amount Affect The Transaction Fee?

BTC/LTC/BCH transaction fees depend on the number of UTXO sources involved with the transaction. The more UTXO sources, it involved, miners need to check more areas to confirm the transaction. Thus, collecting a higher fee. For example, if one of your client sent 10 BTC to you, then the number of UTXO source for this 10BTC is 1. But if you received 10BTC from 10 of your clients, then the number of UTXO sources used are 10.

From the above example, even though both transaction amounts to 10BTC, but you will see a higher fee on the second transaction as it involves more UTXO sources.

As for cryptocurrencies which does not use UTXO methods, the transaction amount will not affect the fee.

For more details about UTXO, please refer to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unspent_transaction_output.