Can I Use CoolWallet if I Have A Paper Wallet?

*Please note that there are risks of exposing your seed on a 3rd party platform when using the guide, please use it at your discretion.

Move your BTC from your paper wallet to a CoolWallet.

1. Have your paper wallet ready, it should include your most important Private Key.
Sample Paper Wallet.

2. Download and install Jaxx Blockchain Wallet:

3. Read the agreement and click Accept if you agree to Jaxx’s term.

4. Create a New Wallet, select Custom, and click Continue. 

5. Select BTC – Bitcoin, check your ideal cryptocurrency and click Continue.

6. Check the "I understand" box, * Back up your 12-word phrase* and click Next. 

7. Enter your word phrase for confirmation, check I understand to set up a security PIN. 

8. Enter your security PIN, click Skip once the wallet is set up. 

9. Click the menu icon located at the top right corner, select Tools. 

10. Select Transfer Paper Wallet, click Transfer BTC Paper Wallet. 

11. Click I understand, Scan or type in your private key from your Paper Wallet

12. After you scan the Private Key, select Next from the bottom right corner. A confirmation screen will tell you what the balance is in the wallet, and will ask for your confirmation. If everything looks correct, select Transfer to Jaxx to move the BTC from your paper wallet to the Jaxx wallet.

13. Obtain the BTC receiving address from our CoolWallet App by going to the receiving page of the App. Please select BTC from the cryptocurrency menu located at the top right corner.14. Click the SEND button to send BTC to our CoolWallet. You can select the QR code button to scan the above CoolWallet BTC address QR code. Then specify the transfer amount and select Send.

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