Moving Funds From A Defective 1st Gen CoolWallet To CoolWallet S/Pro - Number Seed

Please follow the guide below to move your crypto assets from our 1st generation wallet to the CoolWallet if your 1st generation wallet is malfunctioning:


Dear CoolWallet user,
By using the following guide, or any third-party application or advice, you are proceeding at your own risk and may expose your private seed and crypto funds to an external audience over which CoolBitX has no control.
This may give malicious parties access to your wallet and result in the permanent loss of your crypto assets.
Currently, we only recommend the official CoolBitX app (iOS/ Android)  and website ( as resources for the CoolWallet.
We do not officially support any third-party applications due to the inherent risk of fraud and strongly urge our customers against using them.
CoolBitX and are not responsible for any losses which may arise from using any non-approved 3rd party platform.

1. Please go to CoolBitX's WIF(Wallet Import Format) conversion page:

2. Enter the backed-up seeds in the seed field (please remember to leave a space between each seed).

3. Select the specific BTC account and address from which you would like to retrieve from.

4. Copy the WIF key on a piece of paper.

5. Download Electrum Bitcoin Wallet from the following site:, and install it on your computer.

6. Open the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet App on your computer, enter a name for the wallet, and click Next.

7. Select "Import Bitcoin addresses or private keys" and press Next.

8. Enter the copied WIF key from Step #4 and press Next.

9. Set up a password for the Electrum wallet and click Next.

10. Once the wallet is recovered, click the Addresses tab, and you should be able to see the recovered BTC balance.

11. Click the Send tab and enter the CoolWallet S/Pro BTC address along with the amount, and press Send to complete the transfer.