How To Send Cryptocurrencies Using CoolWallet?

1. To send cryptocurrencies, please open the CoolBitX Crypto App and click the Send button.

2. Select the cryptocurrency which you would like to send from the Cryptocurrency Menu located at the top right corner, enter the To address (type or scan), select the From address (allows multiple input addresses for UTXO structure-based cryptocurrencies), enter the trading amount along with the ideal transaction fee. Then, click Next.
3. Review the transaction details and click Confirm.4. Once your CoolWallet is connected, you will be prompted to review the transaction details on the card. You will be prompted to switch on your CoolWallet if you have not done so.

6. You will be able to visually confirm the symbol of the sending cryptocurrency, the amount and the To address (if you have enabled the Show Full Address feature in the settings) on your CoolWallet.

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