How to set up a PIN code for the App?

Setting a PIN code to have an extra layer of protection for your wallet!

Before you proceed, please note that failure to remember your PIN code will result in a loss of funds if you have not backed up your seeds.

Please follow the steps below to set up the PIN Code for the CoolBitX Crypto App:

1. Open the CoolBitX Crypto App, click the Settings tab, and select the PIN Code.

2. Select the Activate/Deactivate switch to enable or disable the PIN Code feature.

3. Once you have switched to the Activate mode, you will see a reminder message to back up your seeds before setting up the PIN Code. If you have done so, please click OK. 

4. Choose your 6-digits PIN Code and re-enter the PIN Code to ensure accuracy.

5. Once you have set up the PIN code, please close the App completely, and the PIN Code feature will be triggered when you re-open the App. Please note that the PIN Code will only be triggered if you have closed the app completely. If the app is running in the background, it will be considered the same work session. Thus, the PIN Code will not be triggered again when you jump back from another application.

6. In the case, if you have forgotten your PIN Code. The only method to recover your wallet data is to remove the CoolBitX App, reinstall the App, reset the wallet from the Bluetooth radar page of the App, connect the wallet to the App and choose Recover to recover your wallet data through your recovery seeds.

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