Convert Fiat To Crypto

How do I convert fiat into crypto with CoolWallet?

Purchasing cryptocurrency with a credit card with your CoolWallet and the CoolBitX Crypto app is quick and easy. You can follow the steps below:

1) Open the CoolBitX app on your smartphone and navigate to the Exchange page. You’ll then be presented with the option to purchase a coin with fiat.

2) Choose the Fiat currency you wish to pay with and the crypto you would like to convert it to.

3) The exchange rate will then be displayed.

Please note that BANXA is the only provider at the moment. We plan to add more exchanges in the future to allow for more fiat and crypto support. 

4) After choosing BANXA, please select the address you would like your crypto to be sent to.

5) After you have verified that everything looks correct, you may Check Out. Please note that you will be required to fill out some identification fields before your payment can be processed.

6) Let’s take a look at some of the ID information that is required if this is your first time using BANXA. You’ll first need to confirm the amounts. 

7) Some general KYC is required, for example email, and mobile phone number. 

8) Credit card information must also be entered.


9) Once you’ve entered your credit card information and the transaction is successful, you will be redirected back into the CoolBitX app.

10) Payment should now be completed and you will receive your crypto shortly. 

What currency is supported with BANXA and CoolWallet?

The following Fiat currency is supported with BANXA and CoolWallet:

  • AUD
  • CAD
  • CZK
  • DKK
  • EUR
  • HKD
  • NOK
  • GBP
  • RUB
  • SGD
  • SEK
  • TRY
  • USD 

The following cryptocurrency is supported with BANXA and CoolWallet:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USDT

The following crypto will be supported soon

  • LINK
  • XRP
  • BNB
  • LTC

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