Having Issue Connecting To The MEW Platform

If you are getting "Connection Errors" when connecting to the MEW platform. Please follow the procedure below to troubleshoot the issue.

  1. Please go to the "Setting" menu of your CoolBitX App
  2. Under Device Management, choose "Device List"
  3. You will then see the devices you have connected with the wallet in the list, please remove the one with "MyEtherWalletV5" or a similar name related to MyEtherWallet by swiping to the left
  4. Try to connect to the MEW website again

This is because our wallet has limited to connect to 3 different devices and MEW is treated as one of them. However, MEW will create multiple entries in your device list thus preventing you from connecting to their site again. Thus, you will need to remove the paired device to reconnect with the MEW platform.

***If you are still getting the same connection error results after completing the above steps, before connecting your CoolWallet with MyEtherWallet again, please make sure that:

  • You do not have the CoolWallet paired with more than 2 devices (you can check this on the Device List page).
  • You do not have the CoolWallet paired with MEW in the Device List.
  • You do remove CoolWallet in the paired device list in the Bluetooth management of the laptop/computer.