Recover Theta Sent To ERC20 Address

As Theta moved to their mainnet, you will not be able to see the Theta coin sent to the CoolWallet since it is not supported at the moment.

To access funds accidentally sent to the CoolWallet Theta ERC20 token address, you will need to open the Theta Wallet with the private key for your CoolWallet Theta ERC20 token address.

Step #1:
Obtain the private key for the specific address you sent the funds to -

Open Theta Wallet using that same private key:

When you open your wallet in this way, the Theta Wallet will generate the same Receive address as in your original transaction, and you will see your funds there.


By accessing your original wallet seed phrase or private key through the Theta web wallet, you may reduce the security of your original wallet. It might be a good idea to create a new wallet and move any funds stored in the original wallet.