Recover Your VET Sent To ERC20 Address

Please follow the guide below to recover your VET in a 3rd party wallet, such as Trust Wallet in this case. However, by following the procedure, you may consider that the backup seed is exposed to external sources so please do create a new wallet and move them back from the 3rd party wallet afterward.

  1. Please download the latest release of bip39-standalone.html in your personal computer. This is the tool to help you derive your ETH address's private key. 

  2. Please download Trust Wallet for your smart phone device as a temporary interim wallet for VET
  3. For maximum security, temporarily disconnect from the Internet. Open bip39-standalone.html (which you have just downloaded in Step 2) in a browser on its own. Now, type in your backup seed word phrase (that you saved when creating your wallet) where it says BIP39 Mnemonic and select ETH - Ethereum under the Coin dropdown menu. See the screenshot below for example:

  4. Now it is time to find the private key that you need to import to your VET wallet. Scroll down on the BIP39 tool page to see the addresses derived from your backup seed. The one at the top should be your ETH address, click on the private key to the right of the address and public key to reveal the QR code of your private key. 

  5. With the QR code of your private key visible, open Trust Wallet for the first time. Tap on "I have a wallet” 
  6. Then, scroll down and click on "VeChain.” 
  7. At the "Import VeChain" screen, you will see a tab on top that says "Private Key" - click on that and then click on the camera button at the top right of the app. Your camera will open and scan the QR code of your private key and then tap "Import."
  8. You will now see your VET balance in the Trust wallet, please send your VET to a safe address - as we have mentioned earlier, the backup seed should be considered as exposed at this point, please create a new wallet and move this VET to that wallet for best security. 

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