How To Migrate From CoolWallet S To CoolWallet Pro?

Smooth Transfer.

We use the same seed protocol for CoolWallet S and CoolWallet Pro. Thus, your crypto assets can be transferred over to your CoolWallet Pro easily. Please start the migration by following the guide below:

1. Have your CoolWallet S seed ready

2. Remove the CoolBitX Crypto App completely

3. Go to the Bluetooth settings page on your phone and remove the CoolWallet S (CWSXXXXXX) device.

4. Reinstall the latest CoolBitX Crypto App from the App Store.

5. Open the App, select the matching CoolWallet Pro serial number and click Connect.

6. Select Recover and enter the backed-up seeds to retrieve your wallet data on your CoolWallet Pro (for a more complete recovery guide, please refer to the Wallet Recovery section in the following user manual: User Manual (English Ver.)

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