How To Migrate From CoolWallet S To CoolWallet Pro?

Smooth Transfer.

We use the same seed protocol for CoolWallet S and CoolWallet Pro. Thus, your crypto assets can be transferred over to your CoolWallet Pro easily. Please start the migration by following the guide below:

1. Have your CoolWallet S seed ready

2. Remove the CoolWallet App completely

3. Go to the Bluetooth settings page on your phone and remove the CoolWallet S (CWSXXXXXX) device.

4. Reinstall the latest CoolWallet App.

5. Open the App, select the matching CoolWallet Pro serial number and click Connect.

6. Select Recover and enter the backed-up seeds to retrieve your wallet data on your CoolWallet Pro (for a more complete recovery guide, please refer to the Wallet Recovery section in the following user manual: User Manual (English Ver.)

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