Why am I not getting staking rewards for DOT?

No Staking Rewards?

Polkadot will use a Nominated Proof of Stake (NPoS) mechanism to secure its network. Nominators will nominate validators to be in the active set of validators by staking their DOTs with validator(s). Validators will produce new blocks, validate parachain blocks, and guarantee finality. It is important to note that validators will only earn rewards if they have enough staked DOT to qualify to be in the active set. The active set will update every era, which is 48 hours on Polkadot. If the validator(s) you have selected has not been elected, you will not get any staking rewards. In some eras, a minimum number of DOT will be required to nominate in order to receive staking rewards. Thus, you will need to nominate with enough stakes to get into the solution set.

For information on Minimum DOT (currently 10 DOT) staked to get rewardsMinimum DOT nominated to be a Validator in the active set, please refer to: https://support.polkadot.network/support/solutions/articles/65000180708-why-have-i-stopped-nominating-staking-limits-explained

*To learn more about the Polkadot Nominator, please refer to: https://wiki.polkadot.network/docs/en/learn-nominator

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