How to add TRC-20 token?

Kindly note that even though CoolWallet allows users to add TRC-20 tokens, we do not provide support for the custom tokens.

Only CoolWallet Pro supports the TRC-20 token. Please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Tronscan:, enter your token details (name/address) and click the Magnifier.

2. From the token page, please write down the contract address of the specific TRC-20 token.

3. Open the CoolBitX App, go to the "Settings" page, "Manage Wallet", click the Add Crypto icon (+), and select Add Custom Token.


4. Enter the TRC-20 token contract address which you obtained from the TRONSCAN website or other source. Or scan the obtained TRC20 token QR code. Once entered, the token details will appear, please press Add to complete the token integration. 
*TRC-20 token will not be added if the required token information is incomplete.

Please note that CoolWallet only supports TRC-20 tokens. TRC-10 tokens are not supported by both CoolWallet Pro/S.

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