What is it that you sell?

CoolWallet S is a true credit card form factor with a display and an input button, which is also waterproof, heat & cold resistant and bend resistant up to 15 degrees along with an impressive Bluetooth connection. It supports both the iOS and Android devices and provides a total end-to-end control as it comes complete with a tamper-proof CC EAL5+ Secure Element microchip which eliminates any possible hack from reverse engineering. CoolWallet S also only pairs with the authorized mobile phone for maximum security.

Unlike other wallets which require a USB interface. Coins/Tokens integration for CoolWallet S can be simply implemented via a Bluetooth OTA update to the wallet. CoolWallet S currently supports BTC/ETH/XRP/LTC/BCH/USDT/WETH/JOY/BNB/CTXC/USDC/ZPR/ZEN/ERC20 Tokens and there will be more to come.
The followings are the key designs of the wallet security:
1. Yourself: Personal fingerprint or facial recognition is required to unlock your mobile device.
2. Mobile Device: Specified device pairing with the secure element chipset, which acts as a firewall protection to prevent unauthorized pairing.
3. CoolWallet S: A final visual confirmation of the transaction details along with a physical button click to approve the transaction.
*You may find additional information from our official site: http://coolwallet.io/ + more product videos here:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/coolwallet/videos/.