How To Claim Your SGB Token Through The Bifrost Wallet?

*Please note that CoolWallet S users could now add SGB tokens in the APP (2.32.0 ver. afterward). 
*Please tap "settings" --> "manage wallet" --> " + " --> "Add coin/Token" and search SGB.


Dear CoolWallet user,

This may give malicious parties access to your wallet and result in the permanent loss of your crypto assets.

Currently, we only recommend the official CoolWallet app (iOS/ Android)  and website ( as resources for the CoolWallet.

We do not officially support any third-party applications due to the inherent risk of fraud and strongly urge our customers against using them.

CoolBitX and are not responsible for any losses which may arise from using any non-approved 3rd party platform.

Here are the steps to claim your SGB tokens using your CoolWallet seed:

1. If you are using a number-seed, please convert it to word-seed using the following mapping table.
( Number Seeds to Word Seeds Mapping Table:

2. Download the Bifrost wallet from their official website:

3. Once you have installed the Bifrost wallet and open the app, please select " I ALREADY HAVE A WALLET".4. Please read through the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, then press 'I AGREE" to set up the wallet.
5. Now, please enter your CoolWallet seed and press "RESTORE". 6. Set up your PIN code for the app and you can also enable Biometric Authentication if needed.

7. Once you have added the SGB token, please go to Settings, select " Advanced", choose "Address Derivation" and select the "Songbird Network".

8. Enter the registered FLR Network address on the CoolWallet in the search tab and you will see the associated derivation path. Then, press "Proceed" to import the data from the specific address.
9. Return to the Bifrost Wallet page and you will be able to see your SGB tokens.

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