What Duties and Taxes Will I Have To Pay?

When importing goods to any country, taxes/duties may be levied based on the destination country's import legislation. However, each country has a different duty & tax rate, and sometimes the customs post this charge based on random selections. Cases, where the collection of duties & taxes is left alone by the Customs are possible but impractical. Thus, we are unable to specify the duties & taxes for each country in advance.

Please note that the shipping fee which you have paid does not include any taxes/duties. Your understanding will be highly appreciated. 

We have included a clear statement about the potential clearance charges on our website. Please refer to the message below again:

"Import taxes, customs duties, and any fees associated with the clearance process may be applicable and charged by the carrier and/or customs agencies. Please contact your local customs services for more detailed information before placing your order. Refunds will not be given if you refuse to pay any applicable taxes or customs fees."

The CoolWallet customs code is 8523.52.0090.