How to create NFTs on OpenSea using CoolWallet?

OpenSea’s platform

Please note that as of 2022, OpenSea has changed its policy that allows users could now Create NFTs free on Ethereum Mainnet.
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Creating an NFT on OpenSea (Ethereum blockchain)

In order to create an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, you will need: 

  • Add ETH in your CoolWallet (To have an ETH address)
  • An ERC-721 or ERC-1155 supported wallet (such as CoolWallet Pro)

1. Go to "Marketplace" --> "OpenSea"

2. Tap Create on the main page of OpenSea

3. Upload your Image / Video / Audio as NFT

4. Input Name of the NFT and Description (Optional)

5. Select ETH as Blockchain

6. Tap Create

7. Well done! Now you have your NFT on OpenSea

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