How to connect to MetaMask?

*MetaMask integration is only available on CoolWallet Pro
*Web Camera is required
*Can only be paired with MetaMask Browser Extensions (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge)
*Only Ethereum Mainnet is supported for the time being (Arbitrum & Polygon integration incoming)

Dear CoolWallet users,

Below is a complete guide to show you "How to connect your CoolWallet account to MetaMask web extension."

Step 1. Open your MetaMask Extension, tap the top-right icon, and select "Connect Hardware Wallet".

*If you haven't owned a MetaMask account, please create a "new one" first. (DO NOT import with your CoolWallet seed phrases in MetaMask, as this may pose a higher security risk).

Step 2. Select "QR-Based" and continue to Step 3.

Step 3. In CoolBitx APP, go to "MarketPlace", scroll down and tap "MetaMask".

Step 4. Tap "Synchronize wallet with MetaMask" and a QR Code will show up.

Step 5. On your computer, tap "Continue",  turn on your web camera, and scan the QR code on your phone.

Step 6. Select the ETH addresses you want to connect, and tap "Unlock" (if you only have one ETH address, select the first account)

Step 7. All done! You can now use MetaMask to manage your CoolWallet accounts!

Notice: MetaMask extension only accepts one hardware wallet at a time. Tap "Forget Device" before you attempt to synchronize the second one.

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