How to create wallet with Numeric Seeds? (Create wallet by card)

For higher security, we recommend all CoolWallet users create their wallets "by card". 

*It's recommended to keep your wallet charged during the whole process. 
*Please note that one Numeric Seed corresponds to one English seed. A complete mapping table is provided here.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to generate Numeric Seeds.

1. Turn on CoolBitx APP, and make sure Bluetooth is on.

2. Turn on your CoolWallet card by long-pressing the button for 2-3 seconds.

3. Find the correct Card Serial Number and click "Connect".

4. Refer to the CoolWallet card E-paper display. Enter the correct Bluetooth pairing code.

5. Press the button to continue

6. Tap "Create"

7. Tap "By Card", "select the length of your seed (12, 18, or 24)", and tap "Generate"

8. Seeds will show up on the CoolWallet screen one by one. Please write down "Each Seed" on your recovery seed card. (IMPORTANT: CoolBitX company and CoolWallet team do not have a backup of your seeds and the seeds cannot be regenerated once the wallet is created.)

9. Once you have written down all of your seeds, tap "Write down and Verify"

10. To verify your seeds, please add all the seeds up and input the Sum. (For example, 11111+22222+33333... = 66666...) The sum could be a 7-digit number.

11. Once verified, choose the coins you want to add to CoolWallet. (You can still manage those coins after this step.)

12. Well done! You have successfully created a blockchain wallet. Keep your seeds secure at all times!

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