How to sign transactions through MetaMask?

Dear CoolWallet Pro users, we are happy to announce integration with MetaMask has been completed! You can now sign transactions through MetaMask while do not need to compromise security.

Please finish the synchronization with your CoolWallet before you proceed with the following steps. Kindly refer to the link "how to understand how to connect to MetaMask."

Step 1. On a Web 3.0 website. (OpenSea as an example), tap "Wallet icon (Connect Wallet)" and choose "MetaMask"

Step 2. Select the account you want to connect, tap "Next", and tap "Confirm". Great! Now you're connected with the Web 3.0 site.

Step 3. When you need to sign a transaction (To buy an NFT, for example), a signature request will pop up. Check the Message and press "Sign", a moving QR code will then pop up.

Step 4. At the CoolBitX app, MarketPlace, MetaMask, tap "Scan & Sign Transaction", and Scan the QR code generated. Turn on BlueTooth of your mobile device and proceed with your CoolWallet card.
*Only Ethereum-based web 3.0 projects are supported for the time being.

Step 5. Follow the instruction, tap "Confirm", turn on your CoolWallet card, and press the physical button on your CoolWallet Card until the "Sent" message shows up.

Step 6. Once finished, a QR Code will show up on your mobile device. Tap "Get Signature" on your computer, and Scan the QR code using the web camera.

Step 7. All done! You have successfully signed a transaction via MetaMask.

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