Why Is The Seed Generated From CoolWallet In Numeric Format?

Our seeds come in Numeric or Mnemonic formats. However, both formats adhere to the BIP39 protocol.

We transfer the English mnemonics into numbers so the App can help to verify the correctness of the seed quicker. This also allows you to perform a simple addition question to verify the correct seed.

Another reason to have the seed in numeric format is for universal usability. Currently, the "Bitcoin Improvement Protocol #39" or "BIP39," supports "mnemonic wordlists." We do as well. However, the default BIP39 wordlist is English. This presents problems for users who don't understand English (which represents most of the world). Since usability is our goal, forcing non-English speakers to use English for their precious seed is counterproductive. Thus, we have users write their seeds with the only universal language: numbers. 

Don't worry though, each number is mapped onto the official word in the BIP39 word list so you can use your number seed or English seed anytime.

If you need to use the seed generated from CoolWallet to recover on other wallets, simply look up in the mapping table below, find the corresponding English words and type them in the wallet you wish to use.