Why should I do a backup of my seeds?

The private key is commonly represented in a form of mnemonics (recovery seeds) now. Backing up these mnemonics is  extremely important, as CoolBitX does not keep, store, or  have any  access to  our clients' seeds.

When creating the wallet, you will be asked to do a paper backup of your seeds/mnemonics. For security concerns, CoolWallet App and CoolWallet devices cannot display the seeds once the accounts have been set up. Therefore, always make sure you have a proper backup of those seeds, as losing them means losing assets forever. 

You can also consider using a "metal" backup. That's where CoolWallet X Billfodl comes into play!

Lastly, NEVER disclose your recovery seeds to anyone, including support impersonators. CoolBitX officials will never ask you to provide such information. Visit the link below to see 10 Best Tips To Protect Your Private Key (Mnemonics)

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