How Secure Is CoolWallet S?

Your private key is stored safely in a CC EAL5+ certified S.E. Chipset which is equivalent to FIPS complied security level similar as a US military‚Äôs requirement, and the private key never leaves the CoolWallet S in any case. This chip does the calculation of all the necessary algorithms and deliver only the result of the calculation (non-sensitive data) out to the phone via Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth connection can only be initialized when the wallet is turned on within a proximity of 10 meters. The design of our product uses an AES256 Encryption to communicate between a CoolWallet S and your phone along with a dedicated pairing passcode. Thus, any unauthorized devices are prohibited to communicate with the card for data retrieval. 

CoolWallet S uses a patented "Cold Compression" process which prevents from potential intercepting devices being installed to alter any of the transaction details. With this state of the art compression process, it is impossible for any hackers to disassemble the wallet, place an intercepting device and reassemble the wallet back to its original state.