What is your warranty policy and how to honor it?

CoolBitX offers  one-year warranty (starting from the date of your purchase) for  its CoolWallet series. Please reach out to our Support team ( [email protected]) first to seek initial help.
Once we confirm the case is eligible for a warranty claim, we will walk you through the warranty process.  You'll be responsible for the return shipping costs, while CoolBitX is responsible for the possible exchange of the product and its return shipping cost to you.  It may take up to 7 working days for CoolBitX to sufficiently inspect your returned product. If the product is indeed defective, we will exchange a new one or equivalent or better model as per our available stock. 

Please ensure you back up your Recovery Phrase before sending your CoolWallet to us and do not send any filled recovery seed card in the RMA parcel. Please also be mindful that while you don’t have access to your CoolWallet, you will not be able to send, receive, or trade your assets through CoolWallet App.

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