Can hackers obtain the private key from the secure element chipset?

Security is a top concern for any company or person involved in crypto, and CoolBitX, the maker of the CoolWallet, is no different.

In the last 3 years, the CoolWallet was analyzed and tested by two independent hacker teams who performed intrusion testing and side-channel attacks. They could not breach our hardware wallet’s security and there is currently still no known way to capture the private key.

For supply-chain attacks, where hackers physically tamper with the hardware wallet as seen in competitor products: We chose a card form factor for the CoolWallet as its wafer-thin slimline design would make it virtually impossible to tamper with. In addition, our cards are assembled using a patented "Cold Compression" process. If a hacker tries to disassemble the card, it cannot be restored to its original state. Any tampering will be immediately noticeable.

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