Can I Leave My Cryptocurrencies In CoolWallet Without Using It?

The CoolWallet only stores your private keys to your digital assets, which allows you to claim ownership over your crypto and transfer them as you please. Think of your private keys as passwords that only you have. Your cryptocurrencies are stored on their related blockchains.

Therefore, the only risk you have to lose your cryptocurrencies by not using the CoolWallet is for the card to malfunction or break and you didn’t correctly make and store a seed recovery backup (12-24 words or numbers)

The CoolWallet battery is made to last a long time. With normal usage, your CoolWallet battery should last for more than 1 year. However, the wallet’s battery life may be affected by temperature and charging habits. Even though the CoolWallet battery can last up to 3 months (standby time) on a single charge, we highly recommend you charge this hardware wallet at least once a month to ensure optimal battery performance.

In case your CoolWallet battery stops working, you can restore your wallet on another CoolWallet or a compatible software wallet by entering your reed recovery phrase.