Common steps to troubleshoot CoolWallet pairing issues

If you encountered any of the issues below, please follow the troubleshooting Steps:


  1. CoolWallet Bluetooth Pairing Failed
  2. CoolWallet Firmware Update Failed (stuck)
  3. CoolWallet Wallet Creation Failed (stuck)
  4. CoolWallet Wallet Recovery Failed (stuck)
  5. CoolWallet Initialization Failed

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Ensure Bluetooth, Location Service, and Internet Service are enabled on your phone.
  2. Rule out any potential App that will interrupt Bluetooth connection on your phone. (e.g. Performance App, VPN Software, etc.)
  3. Go to the Bluetooth setup page on your phone, and forget/remove your CoolWallet (display as CWX XXXXXX). Then restart the operation you attempt to complete.
  4. If the issue persists when conducting any of the above operations (1-5), please switching to a different network (e.g. cellar to wifi ). Then restart the operation you attempt to complete.
  5. If you have completed the above steps (1-4) and the problem persists, please restart your phone. Then restart the operation you attempt to complete.
  6. You could also pair CoolWallet with a different phone to see if you could restart the operation you attempt to complete.However, if you still ran into the same issue on the other phone, please contact us ([email protected]) for further instructions.

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