How to connect two CoolWallet to one phone?

Our current setup only allows you to use (pair) one wallet with your phone at a time. However, what you can do is to utilize the "Remove Account" feature in the Settings page of the App to use both of your wallets interchangeably with your phone. Please refer to the steps below:

  1. Set up (create) your first CoolWallet with your phone.
  2. Go to the Settings page of the App and click "Remove Account". Then, you will return to the Bluetooth radar page of the App.
  3. Set up (create) your second CoolWallet with your phone.

Once that is completed, whenever you want to switch to another CoolWallet account, you can simply go to the Settings page of the App, click "Remove Account" and then connect the other wallet to your phone without having to enter your seed for wallet recovery.

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