My CoolWallet button is not working

Our wallet button is designed to be flat on purpose for easy placement in your daily carrying wallet. Please try to press it again without holding the back of the button and this should resolve the issue (refer to the following photos). *The button clicks.

(card front, press the button with your thumb)

(card back, do not support your card at the back side of the button)

We designed our CoolWallet button to be as flat as possible so that it is convenient to transport on your person and doesn’t get activated easily. To activate your CoolWallet, hold the device between your forefinger and thumb and press the circular button lightly. You’ll hear a slight clicking sound and the device should wake up immediately.

If it does not, your CoolWallet might need to get charged. Plug it into the charger and let it charge for a few hours. If it still doesn’t work, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team ([email protected]). 

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