How to transfer NFT from MetaMask to CoolWallet?

Sending NFT to CoolWallet is the best safety option for every NFT holder!

We are glad to announce that CoolWallet has supported the NFT on ETH (ERC-721, ERC-1155), Polygon, and Arbitrum mainnet . Please note only "MetaMask Mobile" has an in-built NFT browser. PC users are recommended to transfer NFTs via OpenSea.

Before we begin, please refer to the following guide to copy your ETH address in CoolWallet:

  1. Turn on CoolBitx App
  2. On the Wallet Page, tap Receive
  3. Select the mainnet coin at the top right (ETH, Polygon, Arbitrum)
  4. Copy the address (ETH as an example)

 MetaMask (PC version, chrome extension)

1. Visit OpenSea's official website on a computer. (
2. Click on the Wallet icon top right, and select "MetaMask"

3. Select the ETH address containing the NFT and tap "next"
4. Tap the Profile icon top right, and select "Profile" or "My Collections"

5. Find your NFT that you want to transfer into CoolWallet, and tap "the Transfer" Icon.

6. Enter your CoolWallet ETH address and tap "Transfer"

7. Follow the instructions to transfer an item. You will need to sign a transaction on Metamask once you tap "Transfer"

8. Make sure you have enough ETH to pay the gas fee, finish signing on Metamask and DONE!

 MetaMask (Mobile version)

  1. Tap on the 'NFTs' tab
  2. Tap on the icon of the NFT you wish to send
  3. Tap the "send" button at the bottom of the screen
  4. Enter the CoolWallet ETH address you wish to send it to, hit "Next" to proceed

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