How to use the WalletConnet feature?

New Support on ver. 2.51.0

WalletConnect Feature now supports Optimism (Ethereum Layer-2)!
List of the Mainnets that WalletConnect supports:
  • CoolWallet Pro: Ethereum (ETH), BNB Chain (BSC), Arbitrum, Polygon, Avalanche C-Chain, Optimism (Ethereum Layer-2)
  • CoolWallet S: Ethereum (ETH), BNB Chain (BSC)
Before we start, if you have trouble browsing a Web 3.0 website with an iOS 15.1 ver., kindly see here to troubleshoot.

Step 1. Open a WEB 3.0 page that you want to visit (on a personal computer is preferred). This article uses a widely-used Dapp, Uniswap, as an example.

Step 2. At the top right of the website, First, select the Mainnet (Network) and then click on "Connect Wallet".

Step 3. Select "WalletConnect" (Please note that a few Dapps do not support WalletConnect.)

Step 4.

  • (PC Browser user), A QR Code will automatically appear on the screen. 

  • (Mobile Browser user), A Mobile connect message will pop up. Tap "Connect" and Select the CoolBitX APP. Once finished, please proceed to the Step. 7.

Step 5. In CoolBitx APP, please go to "MarketPlace" and tap "WalletConnect". The scan frame will pop up.

Step 6. Scan the QR code on your WEB 3.0 page

Step 7. Back to CoolBitX App, select the corresponding Network, choose the address you want to log in to, and click on Connect.

Step 8. Well Done! Do not leave this page until you finish interactions with the Dapps.

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