Can I recover my CoolWallet seed to another wallet?

All the seeds generated from the CoolWallet (Number / Word) adhere to the BIP-39 protocol.

CoolWallet is an HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) wallet that uses the BIP44 derivation path to derive the public keys. Then we use BIP-141 (SegWit) to convert the public key to a SegWit address. Thus, your SegWit accounts (BTC/LTC) may not be detected when you recover the seed on BIP49 supported wallets or vice versa. If the 3rd party wallet, supports the same protocol as the CoolWallet, then wallet data can be recovered interchangeably using the same seed. 

We transfer the English mnemonics into numbers so the App can help to verify the correctness of the seed quicker. This also allows you to perform a simple addition question to verify the correct seed. If you need to convert the number-seed to word-seed for the recovery on other wallets, simply look up in the mapping table below, find the corresponding English words, and type them in the wallet you wish to use.

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