Why my DOT transaction failed?

On the Polkadot network, an address is only active when it holds a minimum amount, currently set at 1 DOT. This minimum amount is called an existential deposit (ED).

Dust addresses are addresses with very little funds, generally less than the amount needed to conduct a transaction. Too many dust addresses add unnecessary data to the blockchain, which would make it difficult for full nodes to sync with the network (since every full node has a complete copy of the blockchain).

If an address balance drops below the ED, the address is deactivated and its funds are destroyed. The address can only be reused by reactivating it with a new deposit over the minimum amount. This will not restore the destroyed funds. 

Issues that may arise when executing a Polkadot transaction:

  • Addresses that have never received a deposit are not visible on the blockchain.
  • If you send funds lower than the ED to an empty address, the transaction will fail.
  • If you are sending all (or almost all) of your funds out of an address, which will leave the remaining balance under the ED, the address will be deactivated and the funds destroyed.
  • An address can be reactivated anytime; however, this will not bring back any previously destroyed funds.
  • To protect yourself from accidentally slipping below the ED amount and losing your funds, always bring up the address balance to 1.02 or more (may be subject to change if the Polkadot team changes their ED).

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