How do I re-pair my CoolWallet with a new phone?

Modified on Fri, 5 Jul at 3:08 PM

When transferring data from an old iPhone to a new one using Apple's built-in restoration method, CoolWallet data cannot be transferred due to security considerations. You can follow these two methods:

1. Obtain a new pairing password through the old phone:

Due to the card's security settings blocking unknown devices from pairing, the CoolWallet App on the new phone will require a pairing password.

On the old phone, enter the CoolWallet App settings -> Card Settings page, then click "Show Pairing Password" to view the new password.

2. If the old phone has been reset and the CoolWallet App deleted:

:白色勾勾: Delete the CoolWallet App from the new phone and reinstall the latest version.
:白色勾勾: Have your card ready.
:白色勾勾: Ensure you have your 12/18/24 word recovery phrase. (We use the BIP-39 protocol).
:白色勾勾: Screenshot of wallet list

a. Open CoolWallet App and click 'Setup my CoolWallet Pro/S'. Select the matching CoolWallet serial number, and click Reset. Once completed, the CoolWallet App will display 'Reset Successful'.

b. Once the reset is completed, select the matching CoolWallet serial number and click Connect.

c. Select Recover and enter the recovery phrase to retrieve your wallet data.

d. Any unofficially supported customized tokens will not be present after a wallet recovery. But, you can simply re-enable or add your tokens again to retrieve your token data.  

e. If you own multiple token addresses to a certain coin, please go to "Receive" and manually add the addresses again to see all of the assets.

Recovery phrases Error?
-Ensure you've selected the correct recovery phrase length and entered all words.
-Check that the order of words entered on the device matches the order recorded on your recovery sheet.
-Verify that your recovery phrase words are all in the BIP39 word list.

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